Bay Window Shutters – From £650

We have a wide range of beautiful bay window shutters


If you want to enjoy the natural light and beauty of your bay windows, our handcrafted shutters are the perfect choice. They are custom-made to fit your window shape and style, and offer versatile design options.

Our handcrafted shutters are the best way to maximise the sunlight and space in your home. They are specially designed to fit your bay windows, and let you adjust the light levels with ease. They also add a timeless and elegant touch to any room.

With our handcrafted shutters, you can transform your bay windows into stunning features of your home. They are made to measure for your window shape and size, and offer multiple design and material options. They also help you control the light and save space in your rooms. Don’t miss this opportunity and get a FREE quote today!

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  • Customizable to angles: Our shutters can be custom-made to fit the specific angles of your bay windows, providing a seamless and elegant look.
  • Enhanced privacy: Our shutters, when fully closed, provide a solid barrier, ensuring privacy in even the most exposed bay windows
  • Improved insulation: Our shutters can help improve your home’s insulation, keeping your room warmer during colder weather and cooler in the summer months.
  • Increased security: Our shutters can also help improve your home’s security by providing an extra layer of protection against intruders.
  • Maximized light: Our shutters are a great choice for providing privacy while maximizing light into the room.
  • Stylish: Our shutters come in a selection of styles and colours to fit any type of bay
  • Blackout option: Add our shutter and shade with integrated honeycomb blinds for bedroom bay windows

Made to measure

Shutters made to measure for all shapes of bay windows

Shutter styles

Available in Tier on Tier, cafe style and full height

Blackout blinds

Combined blackout blinds available

All colours and sizes

Bay window shutters available in all colours and Louvre size

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